What Is Cheating?

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Specifically, Merriam-Webster's dictionary states that cheating can be defined as "to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud" or "to influence or lead by deceit, trick, or artifice" or "to elude or thwart by or as if by outwitting" or "to practice fraud or trickery" or "to violate rules dishonestly" or "to be sexually unfaithful".

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Cheating is to act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage. Cheating can be done by anyone and occurs all throughout life. It also can happen in many aspects of life. Cheating can take place in the the aspect of academics, passtimes, relationships, business, and careers. In every aspect, there are consequences. Whether the acts of cheating are punishable by law or not, they still cause a consequence of some sort that will negatively impact the one participating in the deceiving act. For instance, if one is cheating in a relationship and caught they will be categorized as deceiptful, disrespectful, immoral, dispicable, and untrustworthy. People will label the perpetrator and continue to look at them with disgust and disappointment no matter how big a time frame goes by. If someone cheats in a game of football or some sort of atheletics, it will cause major upset and the person will either be thrown out of the game, the season, or possibly forever! Even more seriously, in the business world, people cheat on their taxes, in stocks, and cut many corners. Most dishonest acts in this aspect of life are consequential by the law. Not only will fines be issued, businesses can be taken away, and people can be taken away... to JAIL.

However, an important aspect of life is academics... Cheating in this area of life has many repercussions even though it may not always involve the officials.