According to a study conducted at a medium-size state university in the Southeast were surveyed regarding their attitudes and behaviors about learning:

The statistics regarding academic dishonesty are disheartening. Fifty-four percent of students at a small state university in the Southwest admitted cheating on either exams, quizzes, and assignments (Haines et al. 1986:345). Eighty-two percent of students at a large state university in the Midwest cheated at some point in their college career (Stern and Havlicek 1986:136). Eighty-six percent of students at a large Southern university cheated on either exams, papers, or homework assignments (Michaels and Miethe 1989:876). Bernard E. Whitley, Jr. (1998:238) reviewed 107 studies related to cheating among college students and found an average of 70.4 percent of students had cheated, 43.1 percent had cheated on examinations, 40.9 percent had cheated on homework assignments, and 47 percent had plagiarized. Fifty-one percent of students majoring in criminal justice at a medium-size state university in the South had committed some type of academic misconduct (Coston and Jenks 1998:241). Among sociology students at the University of Oklahoma, 83 percent committed at least one act of academic dishonesty (Cochran et al. 1999:94). (Pino & Smith)

Statistics from the University of California San Diego: