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It's Wrong, But Everybody Does It: Academic Dishonesty among High School and College Students by Lene Arnett Jenson is a study on students who cheat. It takes into account various aspects of the students' lives and attempts to solve the question of why students cheat.

Academic Cheating Goes High-Tech reported by Ian Silver is a Fox 23 News Broadcast recently documented on academic cheating with technology.

20 Students Now Accused in L.I. Case on Cheating by Jenny Anderson is a New York Times article from November 22, 2011 that discusses how 20 students from Long Island are accused of cheating on their SAT's and the case that is being filed...

Academic Dishonesty Cases Skyrocket by David Burt discusses how the number of academic dishonesty cases doubled from the number from the academic school year of 2008 and 2009 to 2009 and 2010 at Yale!! Yes, I said it ... IVY LEAGUE YALE!